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D'MODA is the most well-known public relations organization in the beauty industry; with unparalleled specialization in communications. We are a globally-minded organization with our headquarters firmly based in Guangzhou. Excelling at the key stages of planning and implementation, D’MODA is at the forefront of public relations. We offer a full range of integrated marketing services, some of which include: consulting, advertising,sales promotion, direct marketing and social media.

We utilize the three key points of the service sector: public relation activities, entertainment marketing and brand marketing. These 3 important elements can then be broken down into the performing arts, celebrity influencers,event festivals, brand/image planning, public charity and social media management.By harnessing D’MODA’s multi-faceted public relations strategies, your brand’s potential is limitless.


  • 中国顶级公关策划传播机构,
  • 总部位于广州,
  • 面向全球,
  • 以领先的公关思维与执行力,
  • 为企业提供全方位的
  • 公关策略咨询与整合营销服务。


  • 拥有公关活动、
  • 娱乐营销、品牌营销三大服务板块,
  • 业务涵盖演艺策划、明星经纪、
  • 活动盛典、品牌策划、
  • 公益慈善、媒体传播等,
  • 借助集团庞大的跨平台资源,
  • 建立起一整套的时尚公关营销机制。